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AEG DCK431110M 600mm Stainless Steel Built In Double Oven


This AEG Stainless Steel Built In Double Oven is a definite winner for any chef. The golden brown on a potato gratin. The deep crust on a fillet of beef. The moist depths of a rich chocolate cake. Achieving even results time after time demands precisely controlled heat, distributed consistently throughout your oven. Unlike standard ovens, the Surround Cook oven’s advanced fan technology ensures that every part of your dish is getting exactly the heat it needs. Evenly. Consistently. Wherever it’s placed. Whether it’s one dish or several. No more turning dishes halfway through cooking. Just the results that meet your expectations. Every time.

  • Energy rating: A+A
  • Temperature: 50°C – 275°C
  • Timer: Timer display
  • Digital display: LED
  • Defrosting: Fan controlled defrosting
  • Top oven features: 43L oven capacity | Conventional cooking | Top heat browning | Base heat finishing
  • Main oven features: 61L oven capacity | Conventional cooking | Base heat finishing
  • Dimensions: (H)888mm x (W)594mm x (D)568mm



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