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Conti 5.5KW Hybrid Inverter


Conti 5.5KW Hybrid Inverter

  • 5.5KW UP TO 12 UNITS
  • Connect In Parallel
  • Output 230V 50HZ
  • Surge Power 10000 VA
  • Transfer Time 10MS
  • Peak Efficiency 97% Solar
  • 93% For Battery
  • Overload Protection
  • 5S-150% Load
  • Battery Voltage 48VDC
  • Charging Method CC/VC
  • Solar Charge Type MPPT
  • Solar Charge Type 5000W/ 100A
  • Features: Parallel Connection Up To 12 Units WIFI/GPRS Remote Monitoring
  • LCD Display, Support Multiple Output Priority UTL,SOL,SBU,SUB
  • Dimensions 448X295X122
  • Communication Interface USB/RS232/RS485 For BMS


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